When you've updated your current Sky+ reciever to get spanking new Sky+ HD reciever you may have the option for getting the device set up by the certified Sky industrial engineer you can also like to setup the devices for yourself. You may choose to goto [HTTP:// euro cccam] for more information on acidulate.

If you've most recently updated to another Sky box and chosen the Self Install method this informative guide may well support you in the installation of and activating your brand-new equipment. There is not any longer any need to have you to contact to activate your viewing card it would possibly be succesfully done using the web at any given time that suits you.

Do it yourself Installment : Sky+HD

To implement Sky+ HD you need :
• A Sky+HD box
• A HD/HD Ready Television (to benefit by means of Hi-def Resolution Tv channels)
• An HDMI cable (To connect one's own High Definition Tv as well as Sky+ HD box to recieve HD programming)
• One or Two Dish Input Connections ( To benefit via the extensive highlights of Sky+ you will want Two Dish Input Cables attached from your own Satellite dish to the Sky+ HD box)
• Sky Viewing Card
Installation : Self Setup

To set up a Sky+HD reciever with two dish input cable connections you will require to execute these simple simple steps :

Notice that any recordings currently stored inside the Sky+box won't be sent to your newly purchased Sky+HD box. Whatever recordings stored within the disc drive of an box aren't going to be accessible. Any recordings need to be viewed or transferred to a different format (DVD / External Hard Drive).

Disconnecting the old apparatus :

1. Disconnect your current Sky+ reciever from your mains power source.
2. Remove the dish input cables from the Sky+ box
3. Disconnect the SCART cable attached in between your Telly and your Sky+ receiever
4. Do away with your Sky Viewing Card (The Sky viewing card may very well be kept behind a flap on the front right-hand -panel of your Sky+ box).

Connecting your brand-new device :

1. Connect the two dish input cables on the Dish Input One and Dish Input Two connections around the rear of your respective Sky+ HD box.
2. Connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI video slot at the behind on your Sky+ HD box along with the corresponding end attached to the HDMI slot on the T . v ..
3. Hook up your telephone line into the the phone socket at the rear of your box.
4. Attach the Sky+ HD reciever into the mains power
5. The Sky+ HD box will illuminate an amber/red light on your face panel of your box meaning standby mode. The reciever should be in stand by mode for 2 mins ahead of powering up your box.
6. Switch on your Sky+ HD box by pressing the Sky button on the Remote Device
7. You can be shown the Sky Information Channel onscreen (Channel 998)
8. In your Sky Rc go to Channel 106 (Sky One)
9. You will probably be presented with an On Screen Note advising "Please insert your Sky Viewing Card"
10. Insert your Sky viewing card in the viewing card slot (the viewing card slot is located behind a flap at the front panel of the Sky+ HD reciever).
11. Entirely initialize your Sky+HD services and monthly subscription channels you will require to couple your Sky viewing card in your all new equipment.

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